OK – gotta get this off my chest – pet peeve update

This is going to be brief…otherwise, I'm going to stay stuck in frustration…don't want to be there for the day.  I've been trying to do some important emailing of late…but I'm not getting any answers to my email.  Now, that isn't that big of a surprise…it happens.  The issue I have is this – many local churches have websites and email addresses for their staff (especially pastors).  EVEN SO, many of those pastors and churches are NOT technologically savvy NOR do they intend to be.  So, the email goes unanswered and the website stays very static – all the while the local church "thinks" that they are being very progressive and "up to date". 

This is my point – there is a certain level of professionalism that is at stake here…just having email addresses and websites do not make you technologically relevant.  It is like this – in the past (back in the day of those pink message slips), I tried and worked hard at making sure that phone messages were answered and phone calls returned within the day that they were received.  Then, we went pagers…same thing…answer the page asap.  Now, we have cell phones…if it has something to do with "business" and people, respond to texts and voice mail as soon as possible.  The same is true for emails…if you have an email address, use it.  If you have one and you are trying to simply show that you are technologically "hip" but you don't intend to be prompt in answering the email, DROP THE EMAIL ADDRESS.  Tell the church, "I don't like email, don't respond to it…don't send me email".  Be honest.

If you don't like the Internet or use it on a regular basis, don't have a church website…if it is not a dynamic site…if it doesn't at least attempt to be somewhat professional, then drop it.  Stick with newsletters and bulletin inserts.  Let's all be honest, OK?  It's embarrassing what we see out there…

Now, for those of you who don't answer my email…oh, forget  it!

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