Dangerous thinking and worldview

ImagesThere isn't much doubt about the fact that a materialistic and secularistic worldview is dominating the cultural landscape.  I'm not going to specifically comment on the decision of our President to lift the ban on stem cell research…although I could and possibly will in the future.  The issue is the REASON why the decision was made…to quote some of the thinking behind the decision:

"Political ideology should not trump science"…in other words, Science wins!  Remember the old bumper sticker, "he who dies with the most toys wins"?  It is now, "he who makes any decision without acquiescing to science, loses".  This continues to demonstrate the massive worldview shift that is occurring in our world.  The worldview is that science wins any argument…you can discuss issues from a moral, ethical or humanistic perspective because scientific research trumps every discussion.  Is there any doubt about what worldview is being promoted in culture?  

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