Sometimes, all you need is a good dose of grace…

Cool Water, Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho
"God does not only have love; He does not only demonstrate love. He is
love. It’s not just in his bloodstream; it’s in His being. Love is
God’s active ingredient. Always has been, always will be. Before humans
existed, the love of God burned within the society of the Trinity. It
was self-contained and self-satisfying. But then God’s love outwardly
exploded. He aimed his affection at His creation. The more He made, the
more He loved. And the crazy part about it, the mind-blowing part, is
that God loved His creatures unconditionally." (from the book, Godology).

The Crush of Debt

It is hard to imagine the "largeness" of the number…over three trillion dollars in national debt.  What is astounding to me is how "we the people" encourage each other to stay out of debt or to know how growing debt can crush our personal finances but that we allow the government to take on incomprehensible amounts of debt to save our consumeristic butts.  The longer this economic issue continues the more I am feeling in my gut that life as we have known it will never be the same.  Yes, the government is telling us that the US citizen will have a cut in taxes that might be adding a small amount to the average person's bottom line…but as taxes supposedly get cut, we are taking on a debt year by year that is going to be unserviceable.  I cannot imagine a way that the debt will ever be paid back…it will keep increasing and increasing as our government makes more and more promises about covering all of our collective needs for the future.  Sooner or later, something is going to happen…the US will be attacked…the people/countries that are buying bonds will say "no mas"…or a world wide crises will cause the proverbial house of cards to fold.  All I know is what I can do…I am going to stay out of debt the best I can…debt is evil…sooner or later it camps itself on the doorstep of your life and makes demands of you that you cannot answer.  Debt will crush us sooner or later…to say that a potential increase in revenues in the future will overset today's debt is irresponsible, dangerous, and infantile.  It is the same as saying, "yep, I'm going to run up my credit cards because I'm going to get a raise next year".  You know how that can turn out.  The US government is rolling the dice…unfortunately for many of us, the dice aren't going to be our savior.  This gamble is bound NOT to pay off.  More to come…

I’m laughing my butt off with this new blog!

You gotta love this…there is a new blog (anonymous, no less!) in which Prez Obama's teleprompter is doing this talking.  Hilarious!  Not only that, but it has sadly come to this…the Prez doesn't go anywhere without his prompter.  In fact, it is somewhat like watching a man who is watching a tennis match.  Back and forth…back and forth…I keep waiting for someone to say "Love – 15".  Anyway, for someone with supposedly such great communication skills, I would hope that he would dump this habit soon and get to talking to people straight…show us how smart you are Mr. Prez.  In the meantime, we have the teleprompter's comments of the Prez's journey. 

One of the good quotes from Peter Rollins’ book…

"If we fail to recognize that the term "God" always falls short of that towards which the word is supposed to point, we will end up bowing down before our own conceptual creations forged from the raw materials of our self-image, rather than bowing before the one who stands over and above that creation.  Hence Meister Eckhart famously prays, "God rid me of God", a prayer that acknowledges how the God we are in relationship with is bigger, better and different than our understanding of that God." 
How Not to Speak of God, page 19.

From the “well, duh” file:

In an article from the UK that was released by the BBC this weekend, something extremely "obvious" to many of us who are students of the culture is finally sinking in on a broader scale.  Take a peak at the article and judge for yourself…

"The growing expectation placed on schools and
parents to boost pupils' self-esteem is breeding a generation of
narcissists, an expert has warned.
  Dr Carol Craig said children were being over-praised and were developing an "all about me" mentality.  She said teachers increasingly faced complaints from parents if
their child failed a spelling test or did not get a good part in the
school pantomime…"

Dr. Ben Witherington and the Economic issue…

Here's a quick quote from Ben's blog today…he's beginning a series on economics.  Wherever you are on the economic "spectrum", definitely worth the read.  Click here to go to Ben's blog!

"Sorry prosperity preachers, your well just dried up. This bulletin just
in— believing God for a financial miracle after you have lived in a
financially irresponsible way is treating God as if he were an overly
indulgent parent who would continue spoiling an already spoiled brat."

Dangerous thinking and worldview

ImagesThere isn't much doubt about the fact that a materialistic and secularistic worldview is dominating the cultural landscape.  I'm not going to specifically comment on the decision of our President to lift the ban on stem cell research…although I could and possibly will in the future.  The issue is the REASON why the decision was made…to quote some of the thinking behind the decision:

"Political ideology should not trump science"…in other words, Science wins!  Remember the old bumper sticker, "he who dies with the most toys wins"?  It is now, "he who makes any decision without acquiescing to science, loses".  This continues to demonstrate the massive worldview shift that is occurring in our world.  The worldview is that science wins any argument…you can discuss issues from a moral, ethical or humanistic perspective because scientific research trumps every discussion.  Is there any doubt about what worldview is being promoted in culture?