Conversation and Koinonia

Simply amazing…it never ceases to give me pause when people, who could be contentious and hesitant in conversation, find koinonia (deep fellowship) when there is an atmosphere of grace, acceptance, curiosity, and friendship. 

I've had multiple conversations in my life…it doesn't matter who it is with or what both parties in the conversation are like in the depths of their hearts, if the interaction is coated with an air of mercy and inquisitiveness, it always goes well.  Differences exist between all of us…every person has their own, unique and, in many respects "narcissistic" worldview but there are many overlaps in relationship.  If we were to concentrate on the commonality and accept each other's individuality, we would have much more civil and God-honoring conversations.  Our goal in conversation should be clear – mutuality and a communication or "incarnation" of the presence of God.  If God were honored in any and all conversations, even in places of severe disagreement, there would be a furtherance of understanding and acceptance.  That's all I have to say about that…

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