I left on a jet plane…and I will be back again!

Today is a big day in my journey…after living my life as a servant of the Lord and pursuing faithfulness within a specific denomination for over 25 years, I have made my "pilgrimage" to St. Louis, MO for an interview with a group of leaders who will play an instrumental role in shaping my future.  I have sought the Lord's will for over a two years…I attempted to finish well with APU and complete the Lilly Grant with honor and by making a life-long impact on the lives of students.  I moved, for a short period of time, into the marketplace and attempted to serve the Kingdom via the funeral industry.  Since last summer, I have taught online courses in Romans/Galatians and Luke/Acts to over 200 students @ APU (part-time), finished my doctoral degree, have consulted with various ministries in addition to substitute teaching.  Yet last summer, I felt that distinct tug of the Spirit to make this journey to St. Louis for the purpose of preparing to accept a pastoral call within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. 

This is not a decision that came without extensive conversation and prayer with Vicky, my children, pals and mentors.  I believe that the LC-MS and its commitment to historical biblical and theological orthodoxy, creative ministry praxis, evangelism and incarnational presence in the midst of culture more closely aligns with my passions and giftedness.  Although no one denomination is perfect, the LC-MS does capture the spirit of my personal and ministry history as well as gives the opportunity to explore relevant ministry to an ever-changing culture. 

So, I'm here!  In my motel room…listening to O'Reilly.  I visited Concordia Seminary today…browsed their bookstore, phoned in on a radio program that was discussing the human sexuality initiative that will be proposed to the ELCA next summer and enjoyed some White Castle cheeseburgers.  It's all good.  So, I'll be back home soon…home to my sweetie, my family and friends and to a new open door in what God wants for my life for years to come. 

Just thought you should know…

One thought on “I left on a jet plane…and I will be back again!

  1. Praying for you and all that may come out of your time away. I am excited for you and cautiously nervous for you too. I know God will lead you to the place that He has set up for you.

    Love you buddy!


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