Time to stop reading a couple of blogs

Stop Sticker
Recently, I've been evaluating my "addiction" to blogs.  At first, when I dipped my toes into the blog-stream, I was excited about the free flow of ideas, reactions, responses, and dialog.  I found this manner of communication fascinating and inspirational…as well as the fact that I could "keep up" with my friends, colleagues, and people I admire/respect.  I have loved the journey so far.

Unfortunately, some of my favorite bloggers are morphing their sites to a more "general editorial" format.  Their blog is not about conversation as it is about pontificating their personal perspective.  Now, I want to add, sometimes I feel fine about that…but when the drumbeat is constant, it gets irritating.  In addition, with no dialog, I find their blogs narcissistic and boring.  I can read editorials on newspaper sites…magazines…and other forums.  I wanted to see more personal reflection and conversation in the blog-world…I guess over time I am getting less tolerant of being "preached at".

So, just to give you an example…I'm dropping my subscription to Brian McLaren's blog.  I have all of Brian's books…I love how God has used him in my life and many others.  But of late, Brian's blog has become a site more dedicated the proliferation of leftist political views and support of ideology and not theo-logy that it has become more burdensome than uplifting.  Don't get me wrong…I'll still read all of Brian's future books…I might not agree with all of his politics but he does all of what he does with humility (that is noteworthy and honorable).  I simply need to bail on the constant one-sided political reflection. 

So, that's the meditation and action of my heart today…I may or may not be "right" in my action…but it is something that I feel is consistent with why I am in the blog-world to begin with…dialog and relationship!

3 thoughts on “Time to stop reading a couple of blogs

  1. I understand your move to delete some sites from your feedreader. I have recently done the same thing and for the same reasons. Yep, BMc’s site was one of the first to go.

    I am sure it is good for many, but not for me at this time.

    I like blogs–such a variety of voices that I can “choose” to listen to and interact with.

    Thanks for your blog. It holds a solid spot on my feedreader. 🙂


  2. I’m with you. I’ve been looking to shorten the list as well. McLaren’s is among them as well, mostly because of it seems like more of a commercial and less of thoughtful content lately…


  3. Well, I hope I’m not one of the blogs you’re leaving. I don’t really read Brian’s blog too often so I don’t really know how I would compare. That’s been a delicate balance for me… sharing my thoughts without “preaching at” people and allowing room for real dialogue. I fear that I haven’t handled that balance well because there honestly hasn’t been much dialogue on my blog lately. It’s always my hope that the sharing of my thoughts might lead people to ask more questions and consider their own direction and vision.


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