Quick – let me be clear!

I am a curious person…so when I heard about Ayn Rand's book in light of current sociological and cultural issues and dilemmas, I thought I would read the book, Atlas Shrugged.  Never read it…never had interest in reading it.  I know what it is about – the "worship" of radical self-interest.  YES, there are many many many things that Rand is trying to promote that I would never be able to buy into…but her critique of government control and what socialism and statism can do to a society are very relevant to our time.  I've enjoyed the book…except that it is LONG…have I mentioned that it is LONG?  So, don't worry about me…I'm not becoming an objectivist…rather, just curious about something I've heard about and thought I would personally explore.  Hey, if it ever is made into a movie, I'd see it.  I'm currently in the final section of the book which paints a picture of a capitalist's "haven/heaven".  Very interesting! 

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