Is there any doubt that we live in a “Celebrity Driven” Culture?

Is there any doubt…the reality of our celebrity driven culture raises its ugly head every so often…last night was another example of the power of image, popularity, and individualism.  In the middle of what many have labeled an unprecedented financial crisis in the world, the lead story in many of the national news programs was concerning the "revelation" that A-Rod had done steroids earlier in his baseball career.  Here is a guy who is the highest paid baseball player of our age…he is pampered beyond any of our imaginations.  The country is facing a huge crises…people losing jobs and their life savings…the president is about to address the country in his first, live press conference and the news had to LEAD with A-Rod?  In addition, some dope in the press core felt compelled to ask President Obama about it…again, in light of the numerous pressing issues of our time.  Simply outrageous.  The world could be collapsing and we have our cameras and attention focused on "People" magazine!  Amazing.  It is way past the time to say this but people – "keep your eyes on the ball"!

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