A quick follow-up to the IMonk…Religious “influence” waning

According to a new Gallup Poll, "religion" is losing its influence in the daily lives of Americans (mmm, that was a surprise).  67% of those surveyed think religion influence is waning in society/culture while on 27% say that it is increasing.  Contrast that with 2001…after 9/11, it was completely reversed numerically.  Something big is occurring on the American religious landscape.  We all see it…we simply do not acknowledge it, admit it, confess it, or deal with it…we ignore it in our nice "sub-culture" and pretend all is OK.  Didn't Jesus say something about that?  Oh yes, he did…some story he told about the foolish maidens who didn't fill their oil lamps…mmm, there are other stories too…oh my!  We've got explainin' to do!

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