Giving made “easy”…and in a manner that it financially dangerous

These are trying times in the USA financially. Many people are struggling with unemployment…the government is incurring more and more indebtedness…family finances in instance after instance is in crisis.  It is always good to know (excuse me for my cynicism) that there are caring and "Christian" companies out in the marketplace that are giving people who love God the option of giving to their local church via electronic means.  If you can't afford to give, just swipe your credit card and you'll make sure that the pastor and elders of your church are happy.  Of course, the MinstryGive program accepts ALL major credit cards.  I tell you there is NOTHING BETTER than encouraging people to go into debt (at sometimes 25% interest) to make sure that there is more entertainment in church on Sunday.  This is a consumeristic society and culture by the way…these types of options are to be expected.  It always is amazing to me that there are more and more local churches that are more interested in their programs and edifices than they are of the personal growth, financial health, faithfulness, and emotional stability of their adherents.  I don't know what more to say…

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