We’re in “God’s camp”

"Now as Jacob when on his way, the angels of God met him.  And Jacob said when he saw them, "this is God's camp".  So he named the place Mahanaim (i.e. "two camps")."  Genesis 32:1-2

There are two camps that God is in…his own and ours (which is really his).  In fact, they overlap…wherever we go, we are in God's presence.  Truth be told – God has already set up camp wherever we go…God is moving, acting, redeeming, loving, challenging, convicting, and filling the place with his unmistakable touch. 

We make a mistake to think that we go to places where God is not…when we "take the gospel to the ends of the earth" (even though that might mean across our street), God is already there.  As we rationalize the demonization of a "godless" culture by pointing a finger of condemnation at whatever we disagree with, God is moving in that place where we least expect him.  When we should be looking for what God is already doing in "his camp", we often turn a blind eye and inflate ourselves as if we were going to be able to do something that God missed or neglected.  Our presence makes a difference only in that God's presence was there (wherever "there" is) first. 

What camp has God set up in your life that you are going to discover today or this week?  I'm looking around…how about you?

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