A book worth reading and an article worth seeing


I'm not an economist..I don't submit to anyone that I really know what I am talking about when we are reflecting on the crisis that our country is facing.  All I know is what I have learned in my life…you can't live beyond your means…you can't live long under the grip of the evil of huge indebtedness.  Giving $$ away is a good thing…but not if you have to borrow it to give it.  Sounds simple enough. 

This article is worth reading.  I saw it quickly the other day but a friend from APU, Dr. Keith Reeves, highlighted it on his facebook page…it is calling out to you to take a peak at it.  Also, it is in reference to a HUGE read that I have played around with but haven't fully "ingested".  I'm going to get back to it.  Ayn Rand's book, Atlas Shrugged, is the book in reference. 

Take a peak at both…these are challenging and fascinating times that are calling us to have some knowledge of how to navigate difficult waters.  More to come…

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