Church Signs are “white noise” in a Culture of Pluralism and Syncretism

George Barna released a new report that discloses that most people in the USA now view Christianity as one of many religious "choices" or "options" in the the "smorgasborg" of culture.  Now people "pick and choose" their religious preferences based upon THEIR beliefs…the church, in this instance, doesn't dictate what people believe…no faith statement or denominational doctrinal position is imposed upon the adherent…rather the individual chooses the faith that best "fits" them (I'm looking for a pair of "relaxed fit" jeans…or is that "boot cut"…oh, let me try both). 

I've known many churches that are still infactuated with their church signs…in a culture of consumeristically driven values and choices, it is time to realize that all church signs are white noise.  They don't gain people's attention…a sign states a brand that a person can care less about unless they are a loyal, "already convinced" customer. 

Good article by on the link above and give it a read!  

One thought on “Church Signs are “white noise” in a Culture of Pluralism and Syncretism

  1. You mean church signs don’t “save” people? What about my Jesus Fish on my car and WWJD bumper sticker? I also like wearing my Bread Crumb and A Fish T-shirt (abercrombie and fitch) to bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus, but I don’t want to be involved, too messy my T-shirt does all the talking.

    And if all Christians did this we could win the world for the Lord!


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