The Future of Blogging…reflections

Blogshakespearecomic A few days ago, pragmatic visionary, Seth Godin, made some great comments about the future of blogging…really about the present reality of personal blogs.  Here is the core of his post:

Personal blogs aren't going anywhere, though. There’s a difference between a blog about YOU (I call this a
cat blog) and a blog about the reader. Guy Kawasaki’s blog, and my blog for that
matter, are not about us, about what we ate yesterday or how great we
are. They are about you, the reader.

I guess there's an easy analogy:
Your blog could be like a newspaper (written by a staff)
or it could be like a book (written by an author)

9 times out of 10, newspapers outsell books. No surprise. But they’re different. And we need both.

Who cares that you're not writing a mass market newspaper? The point
is not to show up on a list, the point is to start a conversation that
spreads, to share ideas and to chronicle your thinking. That's the work
of an author, and I think rather than kissing author blogs goodbye,
someone should just start a new list.

Those are words that are making a difference in the way I'm approaching this blog.  The rise of Twitter and Facebook keep me connected with my tribe…that's what they are primarily all about.  Either this blog will form alliances with others and we will collaborate on something bigger than what this has become OR I will begin writing PRIMARILY with the reader in mind. 

I'm keeping this in thought today…any comments? 

Good post to read…

"We must transition from seeing church as a once-a-week worship event to
an ongoing spiritual family on mission together. Then people will see
church as something worth giving your life for. Honestly, people need
one another more then they need another inspiring message. You would be
surprised what people will do for Jesus, or for a brother or sister,
that they will not do for a vision statement and a capital giving

As usual, you can find some great food for thought in the blogsphere…this quote should bring cause many to pause and reexamine what and why they do what they do in the journey of the Kingdom.