OK – so I cried my eyes out…

Ok – I read the book a couple of years ago…I sobbed at the end.  In fact, I couldn't stop for a while.  Still don't know where that came from…well, after bugging my wife Vicky to read the book (which she did), we checked out the movie yesterday.  Now, I have a rule in my life…NO dog movies.  Old Yeller, Lassie…all the same.  Why is it that they affect us the way they do?  Oh well…we went to the movie…I knew what to expect and even threatened to walk out before Marley gets the needle at the end. 

Well I didn't…and you guessed it, "niagra falls" (sorry, not original with me…check out Scrooged).  Fact is, I had to tell Vicky not to talk to me while we drove home…I couldn't stop crying.  Some would say that is my sensitive side coming out…I don't know.  It just happened.

Good movie…pretty faithful to Grogan's book.  He wrote a great book about a marvelous human journey with his lab sidekick.  That dog was a disaster though.  The book, as well as the movie, is funny at many places.  The book is actually funnier because of the fact that Grogan gets to tell more stories that simply can't be contained in one movie.  But the movie is great family fare.  It handles the death of Marley well…something that many of us had to do before and never gets easier. 

So, what to do?  Ok – go see the flick or wait for the DVD…one way or another, you are in for some tears.  Just count on it!

2 thoughts on “OK – so I cried my eyes out…

  1. I just bought the book for Monica for Christmas. I cry when the wind blows just right. I even cried watching the movie “Hook” in the scene where Peter’s son says Peter Pan is my dad. Crazy! I balled reading The Shack. Guess I will cry for this one too. Today i am going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, hopefully that won’t make me cry, I am taking a bunch of kids from my old youth group!

    Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year


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