We really do need this, right?

 We need more versions of the bible, don't we?  You check out "bible" on Amazon and you get over 400K suggestions. Now we have the People's Bible (which I'm NOT going to comment on – you can say "thank you Robin" anytime you want) – Gets me thinking:

How about these – The Narcissist Bible (it’s all about me), The Proof Text Bible (all the verses taken out of context – just a collection of the verses all mixed up at random), The Fundamentalist Bible (all foundationalism verses highlighted and cross-referenced), The Joel Osteen Bible (all challenges to poverty, self-denial, or spiritual humility re-interpreted), The Saddleback Bible (all the books placed in a linear, outline version with helpful places to fill in the blanks – wear a Hawaiian shirt while reading and see more of the Pastor Rick interpretation of the specific text), NeoCon Bible (all verses that promote colonialism and “hawkish” warfare pursuits are highlighted), how about the Chicago Bible (with the important theological sections for sale to the highest bidder), the Dislexic Bible (everything written backwards), The Veggietales Bible (with Yahweh taken over by Larry the Great and Powerful Cucumber), or the…oh, I can't go on any longer…it's maddening!


One thought on “We really do need this, right?

  1. hahaha! I’m waiting for the “Dieting Bible” (all references to fish, vegetables, moderation, and careful eating habits including applicable dietary laws are highlighted in Yellow with practical weight loss suggestions in the footnotes). You think I’m joking but somebody’s gonna do it.


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