Len Sweet Notes continue…

We are raising “Vidiots” not Bookworms – not a zero sum game – they are still learning to read but influenced more by the cultural delivery system that is the screen

How do we come to terms with that?

Internet the new delivery system – the connection with the culture

New interface has come into existence

Modern world – began with a 95 point sermon – linear thinking, performance based worldview, words were cultural currency, “the power of the Word” (words were the gods of modernity)

“Here I stand” – Here (existential statement), I (individuality was born in 16th century), stand (taking stand on something – principles, etc.)

The most anti-social invention on the planet was the book – brought you out of community – the book was about you and yourself and your own imagination

Modern world was so individualistic – postmodernity has moved us into narcissism

Experiential and non-linear, interactive, image rich, and connected (EPIC) – anything that is working is getting more EPIC.

The only institution in the world still communicating in words is the church – we love mission “statements”…how about a mission image, in many ways there is "no logos without a logo"

Communication within a new culture image based.

One thought on “Len Sweet Notes continue…

  1. Thanks for posting these notes. This is challenging and enlightening stuff as I consider my ministry context. I am taking a Drew Univ. course from Len Sweet beginning in January and your notes are causing me to really look forward to the experience.


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