Spending the day with Len Sweet…

ImagesWell, not really but Len is speaking and teaching at the conference I am attending in Seaside Oregon.  Of course, if you know the Oregon coast during the winter months, you know that you might never get a chance to see the sea.  Truth is, it is 7:30 am now and it is still as rainy and dreary as it was yesterday…can’t see a thing.  But in the conference center, I’ll be ready to engage in some of Dr. Sweet’s teachings and reflections on culture and faith.  I’ve been a fan of Len’s for years…in fact, many of his books have been used by the Spirit of God to reshape my mind about faith and discipleship.  I’ll blog about it later today…so, as I’ve said before, more to come.  Oh, by the way, this is a LC-MS conference for the Northwest District.  This district has pioneered the planting of over 40 churches this past year…impressive (all with a missional mindset).

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