Wired Mag says that Blogs are “passe”

For all of us bloggers, even those of us who do not take it as seriously as others, Wired Magazine is pronouncing the blogsphere’s demise. Check out the article and see what you think…I have a tendency to agree with the assessment.  Blogs now have gone "professional"…as an entire genre, they are not as fluid and organic as they were a few years back.  As the article mentions, most of the popular blogs are now "professional".  The rise of Twitter, Facebook and other social network sites are starting to explode in use.  They are quickly becoming the new public "forum".  So, we’ll see but for those of us who have these things in our lives, we might be giving them some second thoughts soon.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Wired Mag says that Blogs are “passe”

  1. I read that article a couple weeks ago. It all depends on what you use your blog for and how. If you are using a blog to simply post your thoughts, in general, then, yes, there is a death to that unless you are well known already.

    Using a blog, though, as a content engine that speaks to a specific niche or tribe that doesn’t already have a spokesperson, leader, or heretic (to steal from Seth Godin) is still viable. My fear is that there will be a mass exodus of blogs to simply pick up alternative containers simply to have less content and less substance. I’ve already seen that happen with one blog… it went from thoughtful to drivel overnight.

    When it comes to blogs and social networks and other content engines (Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) All of them are useless unless you are saying something worth saying to a particular segment of the population.

    It’s not just about the container… It’s also about what gets put in the container that matters. When the container has to change, the content needs to evolve as well to fit the new container.


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