Time to stop Whining and Gloating and start praying and supporting

The election is over…so needs to be the "I told you so’s" and the finger pointing and the extremes of ideology.  Now, as followers of Jesus we pray…we pray (as we always have) for our national leaders and the wisdom they need to make decisions that will honor a larger truth than the truths of the culture.  It might be difficult for some, a joy for others, or something that would not even occur to others still – but it is time to give support to those who have won this aspect of the race.  As I mentioned yesterday, we who love and follow Jesus live for another Kingdom – now we pray that we can continue to live as a citizen of the Kingdom of God no matter who is in political power.  We still retain our prophetic voice and we still have the call of God ringing in our hearts and ears…so despite what has changed, it in many respects remains the same.  So, let’s start praying…


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