Here comes Everybody – for those who are interested

51dvs5irdwl_sl500_ What peaked my interest through a presentation on TED eventually motivated me to drop some $$ for the book.  Clay Shirky’s book (click on the pic for a direct link to Amazon) is simply amazing…the subtitle speaks volumes, "The Power of Organizing without Organizations".  Shirley’s thesis is that most of the barriers to forming groups have collapsed and people are exploring new (many of which are technological) manners of enjoying community.   He analyzes the "transfer of organizational capabilities" as they have evolved from various professional classes and systems to the general public.  In other words, what used to take an organization now takes simply willingness and some simple tools to organically not only come into existence but to thrive.  I found Clay’s journey fascinating and inspirational.  You see, the Church has for a long time felt that people "needed" them for vibrancy and true life as a Christ-followers.  To put it another way, you couldn’t be a faithful believer without the "Church" because the institution held unchallenged sway on the issues of community and relationships.  NOW, as Clay asserts, things have changed.  Relationships, connectedness, participation, social organizing and cooperation has become "viral"…which is forcing many to rethink what the concept of spiritual community.  Christ-followers are connecting in chat rooms, blog, IM, social networking sites, and in numerous other ways…they are "worshipping" and doing life in countless manners that are unpredictable and vivaciously and playfully undefined.  In fact, it is bringing the "child" out within many who are wading in these fresh waters.  SOOOOOOOO – without belaboring the point, you might want to take a look at the book and ask yourself, especially if you are a church leader, what does this mean for the future of ministry gatherings?  You might find yourself answering the question with some fresh perspectives.  By the way, here’s the LINK to Clay’s talk on TED.  Enjoy!

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