Clear on values at age six! If only…

Oh, funny story that my daughter shared with me…my 6 year old granddaughter, Abby pulled the "we don’t celebrate ghostes" line on her piano teacher.  The girls are playing a piece called "Witch’s Brew" for a halloween recital at a nursing home and when the teacher first showed it to her, she said "we don’t do witches".  My daughter was sitting nearby and the teacher tried to move past it but Abby wouldn’t let it go.  She kept looking at me and saying "but we don’t do witches".  It was hilarious.  But seriously, I talked to her about not being legalistic, I think she got it, who knows!  Here’s a six year old digging in her heals on what is right and wrong for her and her family.  No matter what you think about halloween, the issue is if only we could all be firm with what we believe and hold on to it even in the most challenging of circumstances!  Way to go my dear Abigail!  Glad I’m not your piano teacher!Dscn4154_2

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