Why I blog…yep, time to admit it!

Somethingwitty_2 Last night, I returned from a quick trip to Portland, OR.  While there, I had the honor of getting to know some new "peeps" who are new to the blogsphere.  I was excited and humbled to meet them…but that’s another story. 

While in conversation with them, it became clear to me that every time I write an email or respond to someone who has contacted me, that my blog url is part of my "personal greeting".  For many of the bloggers that I know, it is very weird, at times, to actually realize that there are more people than you can imagine who actually read and pay attention to the things that cross your mind when you blog.  Sometimes, bloggers that I know have gotten in trouble.  Years ago, a buddy of mine was torn apart for blogging after some of the people that he was working with in a local church took offense at his attempts to "think out loud" through his blog.  So, I try to be careful and not overtly controversial (just to gather an audience).  When I started blogging, a few people I knew suggested that I use this forum to state some things that I believe or am thinking about that might be a bit "edgy".  They remarked that it was going to be the only way that people would visit the site.  Well…that’s not the reason I blog.  Let me explain…I blog for a few reasons:

1.  Many of my friends around the globe keep in touch with me through my blog.  I get a chance to show them what sort of things I am thinking about, books I’m reading, music I’m listening to and people that I am "wrestling" with in terms of thought and action as a follower of Jesus.

2.  Many of the people I have known in ministry and through the University in which I am an Adjunct Professor consult my blog to "get to know" me better.  I know for me, I am only friends with certain people because of how I have gotten to know them through their blogs.  There are people that I regularly read, email and chat with whom I have NEVER met face to face.

3.  The blog gives me an opportunity to verbalize some of the things I am thinking about, wrestling with and observing in this crazy world we live in.  It is an online "journal" in many respects.  There are times I hope I am being taken seriously…there are times where I would pray that I wouldn’t be taken seriously…that’s why there are opportunities for people to comment on posts.  If there is any confusion, we can clear it up quickly in that manner.

So, if you are in on my journey, I’m honored.  If you drop in occassionally, that’s cool too!  Now that I am finished with my doctoral dissertation, I would hope to be regular in posting and with getting back to some bit of normalcy.  Believe me, there’s more to come…

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