Just when I thought this election was going to start getting boring…

Palin_sarah_081Gutsy move John!  Smart, young, family oriented, articulate, courageous, value-centered, and (yes) inexperienced to a point.  Mmmmmm…things are getting really interesting! 

All I can say NOW is this…I will make more comments as time goes on…but for NOW, all I need to know is that she is a "hockey mom".  That alone will almost get my vote.  I love hockey…she’s from Alaska (which is a hockey state).  Her husband is a commercial fisherman (which will make my friends happy) AND she is the mom of a down syndrome baby (a vast majority of which are aborted once diagnosed).  Oh my! 

BUT, back to the hockey thing…if you love hockey, imagine a NATIONAL movement promoting hockey?  Tax-breaks for new hockey teams…tax credits for new skates and sticks.  A new Cabinet Position, "The Department of Puck" with Chellios or Roenick as the Secretary of the Department.  Man, I am ready to vote NOW!  And think about how she’s going to go over with all my Canadian buds…hockey and Alaska and fishing and she hunted moose with her dad when she was growing up…man, the Canucks are going to appoint her to be their Associate PM!  Not only that, but she is a SPUD!  Yep, born in Ida-HO and graduate of the University of Idaho (Vandals…I’m a BSU Bronco fan, sorry!).  But people here in the great Gem state are going to be bonkers on that…the first potato to hold a National Office.  I’m in!  Pass the chips!

Seriously…election politics are like a chess game.  I was watching Obama and the Dems last night…they putting ole Johnny and the Repubs in "check".  It was a HUGE night last night…historic, visionary, inspirational.  Today, McCain not only got out of check but pulled a great move and put Obama and team in "check".  Like I said above, this is a smart and bold move that is historic, visionary and with a person who is inspirational.  The game isn’t over though…no one has "mated" the other…it is a long contest and the moves are now just getting provocative.  What’s amazing to me is that this race is now going to be an "evangelicals" nightmare.  On both sides of the "board" there are values and beliefs that are unapologetically biblical and honoring to God.  I wonder how long it is until the next big move takes shape.  The clock is ticking fellas! 


All joking aside, NOW things are really interesting…I wonder what Brian McLaren is going to say?  Oh, somebody please stop me!  More to come…

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