I’m not sure what I think about this…

Saddleback_civil_forum_2 You can check this out on your own…click on the photo and you will be at the website for the event.  I had heard about it a few days ago.  My first reaction wasn’t good.  As someone who has had to make several difficult decisions about whether to use church property that is tax-exempt for essentially "public" events, I find it amazing that Saddleback is getting away with this…but then again, it IS Saddleback.  When I was making the calls about hosting any event that bordered on something overtly or subtly civil, I was cautioned. 

Beyond that issue…I have other thoughts…I am attempting to discern whether they are God-honoring or not.  That’s the issue on my heart.  I’m going to check out some of the conversation on Sunday…at least, at this point, I think I am.  My question, what do you think?

One thought on “I’m not sure what I think about this…

  1. It’s a good question- or questions, actually. First, I am increasingly beginning to believe that we might be better off giving up tax exempt status as the church is increasingly having its choices dictated to them by the state. Of course, this is probably part of the increasing Anabaptist influence in my life. Something to consider.

    As to the event, I share your caution. I will have to think it over more, but one thing did come to mind- that is that in American culture (as increasing in Canadian), people are voting out of ignorance, often manipulated into their choices. If done well, this event could offer a fair and balanced platform for BOTH parties in order to best inform Christian voters.



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