Must see DVD series! John Adams

John_adams_ver2Last night we slipped the first disk of this DVD series into our Bose system and hit "play".  I had heard about the book that this series was based upon but had to see it first hand.  I am starting to LOVE history…I’ve always had a hankering for it but now it has almost become an obsession.

To make this perfectly clear – this is a DVD series that you should watch, share with your "age-appropriate" children (there are some violence related scenes that are tough, I would definitely see it with kids who are over 12 and who have begun to study US history).  This is a well made series…not only that, but it vividly shows the struggle, politically, morally and physically, to bring the USA into being.  Our freedom cannot be taken for granted…these historical snapshots are vital for people to see and take seriously.  So, you will have to make a commitment to this series…each episode is around 90 minutes long.  BUT without a doubt, every moment is worth it.  Paul Giamatti is absolutely incredible in this series.  So, rent it or better yet buy it and watch it.  It is moving and inspirational! 

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