Book Review – The Almost true story of Ryan Fischer

I’m honored to be able to be on the Ooze team of book reviewer…just like in the delight that I feel every time a box with a smile on it arrives from Amazon, so I get excited when a discreet white envelope arrives from Mike Morrell filled with some new gems from the publishing world. 

Unfortunately, I can’t agree with some others who are in the process of reading/reviewing this book…I found this
book idiotic and trite. It proved to me what many others have said
about “Christian” fiction…it is poorly written and full of stuff that
is unlikely and outrageous. The fact that it has on a cover, "a work of fiction" is actually the best part of this book…it is what the dictionary says about fiction – "something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator".  In this instance, the author’s imagination is beyond what is even in the same universe as reality.  Normally, I’m in on fiction.  I read TONS of it.  I just finished a series of "ancient detective" novels by Steven Saylor that were outstanding.  Then there is David James Duncan and others who write incredible stories.  With "The Almost True Story…", I put it down about the 1/2 way mark…it was actually more like a bad illustration shared at a ministry conference than a good idea for a book.  For a book that is intended to be smart, witty and insightful, It actually ended up putting down one of the things it was attempting to lampoon – the
church planting struggle.  By making Ryan a “hero” in the church planting
world slammed and trivialized those who are out there working the
Kingdom with the depth of their hearts and souls. I hope this book just
goes away! Now, I don’t know the author and I’m sure that Rob must be a nice guy.  He is a "Creative Director" at a mega-church…that’s fine.  Rob, God bless you!  I just couldn’t buy this one bud!  I’ll read your next novel, that’s a given.  I’m always game for a good story.  But I don’t think that this one was helpful or entertaining (which I believe novels need to be). 

By the way, one suggestion for you – if you want to read a "helpful" though uncomfortable book about Christian subculture, read “Rapture Ready”by
Daniel Radosh
…it is a much better.

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