Change again! Request for prayer!

Time’s they are a-changin’ AGAIN!  I’m on my sixth month of my new journey.  As many
of you know, I have joined the world of the bi-vocational…I
am in community with a wonderful, growing group of people who are
attempting to live the KIngdom here in Idaho (Re/New Ministry)
; I
am also continuing to teach two to three online courses in biblical
studies for Azusa Pacific University; beyond that, I still have my
fingers in some other life "pies" (family, music, hockey, friends, Allelon’s Missional Work, keeping up with long distance buds Yambar, Bundy, Barnes, Hixson/PLBC, Ryan, Mikey,
teaching/speaking when invited to do so at conferences, camps and
churches, etc.). 

In January, I joined the staff of Accent Funeral Home
in Meridian Idaho as a Memorial Counselor.  It WAS my "full-time
gig"…until yesterday!  One of the realities of the job was that it was a commission fact, 100% commission.  That in
and of itself was not only a challenge but a HUGE revelation for me.  It took a few months, but after I learned "the ropes" and started to gain an understanding of the sales world, numbers, lead generation, closing ratios, etc. it became very clear that this was NEVER going to work financially.  I had been working very hard and representing the Funeral Home well…but only making about $1K a month.  Not enough…so after some frank discussion with my sales coordinator and the Funeral Home director, I decided to leave the business to pursue a different avenue. 

This is a HUGE step of faith for Vicky and myself…I’m not going to publically slam on what happened over the past few months…I met some great people and served my new job as best as I could.  It simply was not going to work…the numbers don’t lie and they didn’t add up to a sustainable way of life.  So, it is on to something else!  I’ve left Egypt and am standing on the banks of the Red Sea…will God deliver?  I’m standing on the promise that He will!

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