I used to be young and naive too!

124147325v6_240x240_frontOk – some of my "younger" friends might get a bit touchy about this "brief" post…I remember when I was in college.  Yep, it was a few years ago…really, over 30 years ago (I’m 53).  It was the Vietnam era…and I was a "peace-sign wearing, protest song singing, religiously driven liberal".  I thought that if we just gave the world a chance to love each other, that we would all be OK.  Get everybody in a room and sing, "kum by yah" and we would hold hands, share our resources, obliterate suffering and hunger and end our conflicts.  It was the day of the FIRST gas crisis…and I wanted the government to tax the h*** out of the Oil Companies and share the wealth.  Remember, you think and I think in 2008 that a rise of gas prices from $2.99 to $5.00 is outrageous…you should have been around when we were buying as for 35 cents a gallon!  I remember putting a buck of gas in the tank for a trip to some sweet surf sessions in Carlsbad…it was HUGE when I had to pay $1.00 for gas!  Anyway, let me get to the point.  For Christians to be sucked up into a more "socialist" agenda like that which is being promoted by the Obama campaign is simply naive.  This man is radically pro-abortion…he promotes agendas driven more by socialistic ideals than those that underscore freedom and personal responsibility…he is a "global warming" guppy…and he is extremely short-sighted in economic issues…and that has nothing to do with the fact that he "sounds" like he is a radical in terms of globalization (although I must admit, the issues surrounding globalization are multi-faceted and complex – what is not acceptable to me is a "redistribution of wealth" strategy or inference).  I’m not saying that McCain is a better candidate…I don’t know what to think about McCain yet…fact is, I’m not saying ANYTHING about the election per se.  What I am saying is just because Obama sounds like he wants to bring about some sense of "peace and love and universal justice" is NOT what he is actually all about.  He is, in many respects, what he has been accused of…an elitist.  I say that because I was an elitist when I was young and naive…I think I knew better than anybody about life, spirituality, church work, and the world.  I am perplexed and skeptical about any of the "younger" Kingdom people who want to jump on the Obama bandwagon because he is about change.  He draws a young and naive crowd.  Truth is, I would have loved him when I was 21.  Unfortunately, neither he nor his political agenda and persona jive with the wisdom that has come from maturity and having a few miles on your life.  More to come…so, shoot away friends!  I’d love to have some dialog!

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