Global Warming Fiasco! Frenzy or Falsehood?

I’ve had my doubts…I saw the movie…read some articles but I also have a healthy perspective on the audacity we have as human beings to think that we can "change" the creation of God.  Are we supposed to be stewards of creation?  Yes!  Without a doubt!  We have harmed the earth…but to throw the entire planet into a climate crisis?  I not only suspect that this is the science of elitism and radical environmentalism gone amok but I believe that we need to see all the facts and engage in healthy dialog without jumping to conclusions! 

Below is an article from John Coleman that I think you should take a peak at…John founded The Weather Channel, serving as its CEO and
President during the startup and its first year of operation. He has been a vocal opponent of the alarmist reactions of those who are the Chicken Little’s of the world who say that the "sky is falling".  I don’t want to be sarcastic and, if I am, I apologize.  I am conflicted…do we need to get out of the "oil business"?  Yes!  We’ve had technologies that can release us from oil and its negative footprint on the planet around for a while.  But going to grain-based Ethanol is throwing our "planet" into a food crisis! 

I don’t know what people were thinking…we had issues with world hunger for decades…with rising populations and food shortages due to extremely complex political situations, we need every bit of grain we can keep our hands on for feeding people.  There are other things that we have to do to be good stewards of the earth that was given to us as a gift…but to assume that we can change weather patterns and issues that are clearly in hands "bigger" than our own, that’s a little wacked out.  You just have to look at the book of Job to get some idea about how God feels about the BIGNESS of who He is versus the SMALLNESS of who we are.  It just seems to me that the more we think we can control the planet, the more we think that we are God.  Oh well…think about it! 

Download global_warming_and_the_price_of_a_gallon_of_gas.docx


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