Missional vs. Escapism – Oh my, will I get in trouble?

I know I’m messing with some "holy" ground here…not doing it to play with you or anger my faithful "readers" but rather to get us all thinking about the types of symbols, music, images, and visions that permeate our lives.  Art summarizes so much of what we feel…it captures aspirations and dreams as well as giving us a heart-felt foundation from which to express ourselves to the world.  I was ‘spinning’ this morning in my three-times-a-week spin class (not bad for an old guy) while listening to a Nickelback song…as I was listening, it dawned on me, "why do we have to hear songs like this from people who supposedly DON’T speak for the Christ-following community?"  Frankly, this is a "psalm" of lament and hope and a calling out for justice and a new way of doing life and relationships.  Now, "juxtapose" that song with a song that is regularly sung in Christian circles…good song..song that communicates truth…but also one that promotes (in my humble opinion) a sense of escapism…as if our only goal in life is to make it to heaven.  Now, don’t get me wrong, OK?  I’m not slamming Mercy Me…man, that would tick off tons of my pals.  What I am saying though is look at what we "sing" on a regular basis…what does it promote?  What visions are being communicated?  What are the dreams that are on our community’s lips and hearts?  Escapism or Engagement?  Getting to the eternal Kingdom or bringing the Kingdom into play in our lives and relationships?  So, you tell me…here are the videos…turn it up and enjoy and reflect!

Mercy Me, I can only Imagine

Nickelback, If everyone cared

Send all your hate email to my son, Aaron (racermech@hotmail.com)…Ha!

2 thoughts on “Missional vs. Escapism – Oh my, will I get in trouble?

  1. The lyrics to the Mercy Me song are just horrible. Great song (musically speaking) but just terrible lyrics.

    Why not sing hallelujah NOW, why not walk by God’s side NOW, be surrounded by God’s glory NOW, be still in his awe NOW, worship him forever NOW, etc?

    Rapture me now Lord…I am tired of crappy “Christian music!” 🙂


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