We can joke and cry about this all we want…but

Gasoline3I filled my tank up today…er, I should say I tried to fill my tank up today but the pump turned off when I hit $90.  Yep, this is a national issue…in fact, the situation with gasoline is an international issue.  I don’t know how many of you recall that WW2 began over issues with oil.  That’s right…industrial nations needed access to fuel.  Look it up…Germany with Black Sea access and Japan with access to Indonesia and other oil fields.  There are alarmists in our culture who are spinning scary scenarios and there are simple-minded people that say all that we have to do is go "green" and our problem is solved…neither is helpful.  We’ve got problems…I am only praying that people who have some power over this situation in our government can be courageous in addressing it…what we can do is do our best to conserve and change our habits.  That’s all we can control…ourselves!  If we are feeling robbed at the pump, the only change we can make is with what WE do…we can’t change the Saudis or OPEC…we can’t change the fact that third world nations are now demanding what we felt we had a "lock on"…we can’t change the fact that the auto industry has refused to look at alternative energy issues for decades (see the Documentary, "Who killed the Electric Car?", you may not like it but it says some interesting things about the reality of our country)…we can’t change the fact that oil what runs our infrastructure in the USA…all we can control is our own demand and our own spending habits.  Cry all you want, that’s the bottom line…in addition to praying that cool heads and hearts prevail in the world.  Remember, in this situation, we as the good ole USA are NOT in the driver’s seat…we moved to the back seat a long time ago through poor assumptions and massive shortsightedness.  Frankly, I"m just glad I’m not in some countries where they are paying $10 a gallon.  More to come… 

2 thoughts on “We can joke and cry about this all we want…but

  1. WW2 did not start over oil, at least not in Europe. Germany did not invade Eastern Europe, in fact Romania, being Europe’s largest oil provider at the time was a German ally due to the Iron Guard’s political affiliations, and due to Antonescu’s connections to Nazi Germany.

    Much of Romania’s oil went to Germany willingly and in exchange for real gold which believe it or not helped our Romanian people tremendously.

    Gasoline has been at about $8 a gallon in Europe for a long time; it’s time we catch up. To blame the high price on demand and “lack of control” is outright misguided. The demand is what it is because we are a free country and because we have an economy that is booming. I hope gas does go to $10 or $20 a gallon; only then will people finally realize how important drilling for oil is. Folks may have to face some real choices: drill for oil or die.


  2. good comments…I appreciate the history lesson…I couldn’t agree with you more about our need for exploration. It would be interesting to see what happened in the oil markets if the US announced TODAY that drilling, refining and exploration was going to start happening asap. As long as we are dependent upon the rest of the world for our energy needs, we’ve got problems!


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