Significant thought!

Thanks to Len for this quote…I love Richard Rohr’s work but this quote is meaningful in my journey now.  I read it over and over and gained not only insight but some peace from its wisdom:

"Nothing good or creative emerges from business as usual.  This is why much of the work of god is to get people into ‘liminal space‘ and to keep them long enough so they can learn something essential.  It is the ultimate teachable space…maybe the only one.  Most spiritual giants try to live lives of ‘chronic liminality’ in some sense.  they know it is the only position that insures ongoing wisdom, broader perspective and ever-deeper compassion." 

2 thoughts on “Significant thought!

  1. Robin, it’s been a long time!! How are you!!
    So funny, I have just started Everything Belongs again for the 2nd time.
    No shortage of contemplative material in that book.

    I rarely find myself learning much in the “usual”

    Rob M.


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