Oh my! It happened in California!

Fox News and other news outlets report that the California Supreme Court overturned the Law that was passed by the people of California regarding the definition of marriage.  It isn’t enough to have a domestic partnership law on the books…now, marriage will be allowed.  Watch this go to the US Supreme Court…better yet, watch this go into the Presidential Debate NOW!  If you thought the political discussion was hot in the past, watch it now.  Oh yeah!  Personally, redefining marriage to anything other than that between a man and a woman is a huge mistake on numerous levels…even so, this decision was one that most of us anticipated.  To have it happen at this point in the political calendar makes it very very interesting.  More to come…

4 thoughts on “Oh my! It happened in California!

  1. I hang my head in shame to be a Californian (again). All I can do is listen for the Lords voice as I try to figure this one out.


  2. Hey Robin,

    I hope you aren’t offended, but I deleted your comment at my blog, as I have a rule about off topic comments, especially about such heated topics. I am happy to discuss it here and/or via email. Hope you understand.



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