American Idol “too safe”

AmericanidolSome national newspapers are now quoting "Simon" with American Idol saying that it has become too stale and safe.  Now, you need to know…I don’t even watch the show.  There’s many many many reasons why…we all know what will most likely happen – the show’s producers will spice it up with MORE celebrities, MORE "skin", MORE Idol "worship", more of what they are already doing…it will simply be a bit more risque.  You know the problem with media in general…you get acclimated to a certain presentation and need a more intense presentation to keep interest and to keep the "buzz" alive.  But that’s another issue…don’t get me started!  For now though, here’s some ideas for making Idol a little more risky and maybe more interesting:

Top 10 Ways of Making American Idol more interesting and less safe:

10.  When a contestant is voted off, put them before a firing squad and shoot them
9.  Have the contestants sing at a cowboy bar with 100% of the customer’s throwing beer bottles at the stage.
8.  Have each contestant juggle chainsaws as they perform
7.  Switch the roles of Simon and Paula – have her be the bad cop and Simon be the sweet, "I’ll say anything I can that’s positive" judge
6.  Have an age limit of 75…all contestants have to be old and, preferably, overweight
5.  Have all the celebrity coaches be "one hit wonders" and watch as they share their incredible "lack of success" with each contestant as they are coached
4.  Give audience members paint ball guns and have them "vote" by plastering the constant with paint
3.  Fill the live audience with opera and symphony lovers who won’t cheer or hold up dorky signs during the taping of the show
2.  Have each contestant sing the extended version of Inagodadvida by Iron Butterfly
1.  Cancel the show!

One thought on “American Idol “too safe”

  1. cancel the #1 show? sorry sweetheart, it aint gonna happen. but i do like the fact of simon and paula switching roles at times. it was funny hearing her get booed twice this week.


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