Controversy! Oh no! Narnia might be talking about God!

Prince_caspianposter2_smallUSA Today

In today’s USA Today, there was a "nice" article about the young stars of the upcoming Narnia movie.  Like I said, nice piece.  BUT, as is usual in some aspect of media or culture or even the Christian world, someone has something to say to stir up some sort of controversy about a movie.  Remember, I’ve said this before, NO form of art is value neutral.  EVERY work of art is an attempt to communicate the artist’s worldview.  So, of course, Narnia would allude to God!  What do these people think, "What happens in Vegas" communicates?  I can see someone not agreeing with Narnia’s worldview…that’s their prerogative…but just get off it.  Unless someone wants to take the time to start discerning what EVERY movie has to say about who God is (er, gods or idols) and what it says about the purpose and meaning of life, then we just ought to stop it and behold the work of art on its own merits.  No one says that we have to agree or succumb to the artist’s worldview…just give them an opportunity to share it!  So, I got that off my chest…feeling better!  By the way, below is the quote from the article that got me going!

One Narnia constant: controversy over
possible Christian symbolism. Groups such as Americans United for
Separation of Church and State have criticized the tales, calling them
just a retelling of the story of Christ, but the filmmakers see
universal themes.  "I really believe you see whatever you want to
see in the film," Johnson says. "It’s about faith, whatever kind of
faith you have. The first movie was about finding faith, and this is
the loss of faith and regaining of it. And that faith is whatever you
want to make of it.  "That’s one of the things that pleased me about the first film, that it was successful everywhere — even in Muslim countries." USA Today, May 14, 2008

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