Re/New Community to host screening of the new documentary, “Lord, Save us from Your followers”

Bg_bannerlordRe/New Special Community Gathering
Sunday, June 22nd @ 5pm – new date!
Building of Hope Lutheran Church
Eagle, Idaho – Hwy 44 and Linder

The producers of the new film, Lord Save us from Your followers, have selected Re/New to host an Eagle screening of this new movie/documentary.  You can click HERE to see the film’s website.  If you are interested in checking out the film or getting more information, email me @ The film is based upon the book of the same name.  I read the book and I found it provocative, entertaining, funny, and perceptive.  I believe the film will be more of the "wonderful" same!  Come and join us if you are in Idaho…if not, I’ll give you a report soon AND go to the film’s website and schedule your own screening and tell them "Robin sent ya".Bg_bannerpeople_2

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