High Praise for Anne Rice’s New Book – read it!

Rtchpctl_large_bookcoverAll I can say is this – read the book.  After reading the first of Anne’s books about Jesus, I eagerly anticipated the release of "volume 2".  As she did in the previous work, she handles the narrative of Jesus with gentleness, reverence, impeccable insight, and stellar (and holy) imagination.  The chapters on the baptism of Jesus, the wilderness temptations and the Cana wedding celebration are priceless.  They provide truckloads of homiletical and hermeneutical possibilities…just wadding into those two chapters will give you a new appreciation for those powerful events in the young life and ministry of Jesus.  This is a creative "exploration" on the humanity of Jesus…contrast that with the Gnosticism that is rapidly infecting our culture (with the likes of Course in Miracles, The Secret, and Eckhart Tolle’s book, The New Earth)…I won’t even say anything about the fact that many Christians are essentially "operational gnostics"…but that’s for another post.  I am going to read the book again…soon!  In the meantime, you can check out this video that was posted on YouTube and get an idea of the extensive scholarly "due diligence" that went into the writing of the book.  If only many others who dare to take on the life of Jesus would be so thorough.  Anyway, enjoy…more to come…

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