As usual, California “leads” the Nation?

CaliforniacbccirclesHeadline LA Times – you have to read this!  Now, I have to admit, that there are times that I have had some "issues" with homeschooling especially when those who do so use the "home" as a shelter for their children NOT to be "touched" by the "evil world".  Setting up "the world" as something that is evil, to be avoided, and hidden from is the philosophical reality that begins to shape a dangerous dichotomy in mind of a child.  Eventually, children have to learn how to make their way as followers of Jesus IN the world…the world is something to be cherished as a gift of God…needing to be redeemed, yes…needing to see the in breaking of the Kingdom, without a doubt.  But not something to be feared or to be hiding from.  EVEN SO, the California Court of Appeals is going too far.  To have this ruling "come down" from the courts smacks of something diabolical…in other words, the whole thing smells rotten.  Apparently, there are 1000’s of kids who are in danger of being truant and also 1000’s of parents who could be breaking the law for not being credentialed teachers.  Read the article and draw your own conclusions.  Friends, this could be another way of stoking the already intense fires of education debates in the good ole USA.  As has been said before, "California leads the Nation"…will we see other states weigh in on this issue?  Could it be that the homeschool movement will be under attack?  You do realize how much $$ and power is wielded in a decision like this, don’t you?  Obviously, more to come…

2 thoughts on “As usual, California “leads” the Nation?

  1. Robin,
    I’m not too sure how pissed off I should be about this. On the one hand, shouldn’t people be educated in order to educate? But please, lets not push parents further out of the conversation. It’s a big enough problem, how little investment there is among parents in their kids education. Education should primarily be a family experience… a conversation between parents and their kids. Go California!


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