From one of my students…


I’m a online bible prof at Azusa Pacific University…one of my classes this Spring is a Nursing Extension full of students who have a wide-variety of religious backgrounds.  Many of them would not be seen by strong Evangelical types as those that fill up the ranks of the "saved" but are, nonetheless, in the midst of fascinating spiritual journeys.  One of those students, a woman who has grown up Buddist, wrote the following…this is definitely worth the read:

After watching the video (the week’s assignment), I remembered a Vietnamese spiritual article that I liked. This article gave me idea to write the journal entry this week.

“I seek God in beautiful wealthy countries; God seeks me in unattractive poor countries.
I seek God in noisy downtown cities; God seeks me in quiet old forests.
I seek God in big famous cathedrals; God seeks me in small unknown churches.
I seek God in rich families; God seeks me in penniless families.
I seek God in genius persons; God seeks me in humble persons.
I seek God in attractive young persons; God seeks me in neglected old adults.
I seek God in potentate adult; God seeks me in powerless babies.
Days after days; months after months; years after years;
Seeking God all my life, I am getting extremely tired without meeting Him.
God and I have kept seeking each other for ever if I kept seeking Him as I did.
Wait a minute … If I seek Him where He seeks me, I will meet Him soon.
In poor countries, penniless families, humble persons, neglected old adults, powerless babies, etc.
O God! I must live sacrifice to be with them.
Jesus said, “Whatsoever U do to the least of my people, you do it to me.”

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