Just when you think you’ve heard everything…

Just like I noted above, I thought I have "been around the block".  I think I’m pretty "wise" in what to expect from life, the world, the church, Christ-followers…I’m not saying anything about being omniscient…that isn’t it.  It is simply that I have seen and heard a lot over the years.  There are few things that really surprise me.  Until today…I was waiting for the class that I am teaching at Pacific Life Bible College in Vancouver BC to begin…during a chapel time for the school, a guest speaker (someone who the school takes NO responsibility for in terms of theological, biblical or practical content) mentioned a church that he had heard of where the pastor gave a challenge to the church called, "The 30 day Sex Challenge".  Apparently, he is challenging the married couples in the church to have sex for 30 days in a row…now…now…now, er…I don’t know what to say.  There are some things that I don’t like about "mega-church" and there are some things I do…THIS would be one of those things that would be so easy to fully comment on.  But, frankly, I just can’t.  I’m still a bit taken back by the audacity of the challenge.  Here’s the information from the church’s website (Relevant Church in Florida):

"People are not having enough sex. An epidemic of
breakups prove the needs that lead to a great sex life are being
overlooked. Dirty dishes, frumpy clothes, and a lack of authentic
connections are killing the romance. A great sex life is a challenge
and takes focus, determination, and planning. Some say it’s an
unrealistic goal, but we disagree. We believe you can have a great sex
life, in fact we believe God wants you to have a great sex life.  Relevant
Church is proposing a challenge encouraging married couples to
purposely engage in sexual activity for 30 days and singles to
intentionally forgo sexual activity for 30 days. We know, it sounds
However, we believe this challenge will not only improve sex lives, but also strengthen relationships. In
this series married couples will review the obvious needs of him and
uncover the forgotten needs of her and singles will cut through the
illusions and consider the qualities that result in healthy
relationships. For far too long the
church has remained silent on the subject, leading many people to
believe that God is against sex, which is completely counter to what
the Bible teaches.
 Join us…"

At this point on the website, the church advertises the topics that the church is going to cover during the pastor’s "series" on Sundays at their worship experiences.  Now, like I said, I don’t know this church…first time I have ever heard about it.  But if you are going to "Relevant", this is definitely a challenge to issue.  I don’t know whether they are just blatant in trying to get attention, or whether the pastor is having sex addiction issues, or whether it is just another example of marketing tools in "local church" ministry, granted the only way to get people’s attention is to get more and more outrageous.  Those who track marketing in our culture have been telling us for sometime that the only way that you get people’s attention these days is to get more and more "over the top".  It’s happening on television, movies, ads, magazines, conversation…people only notice you if you push the envelope into the next realm of outrageousness.  I’m going to do this…I’m going to listen to the talks and read the materials with an open mind!  How about that!  I’m even going to send this blog post to my "Theo-praxis" email list…people who I email regularly and engage in debate and conversation about contemporary theology and Christ-praxis.  I can’t wait to read some of your comments as well as some of theirs.  THEN, I’m going to talk to my wife Vicky and possibly move to Florida.  More to come…

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