Oh Canada!

Canada_flagI’m back in my second favorite place in the world…the great nation of Canada…I’m sitting in my hotel room watching SportCentre (ESPN in Canada) which runs hockey highlights and analysis 24/7.  Gotta love that!  Then, it is on to Timmy Ho’s for the great morning bagels and diet cokes…woa!  The wine in British Columbia is even good!  Go figure!  Anyway, I’m teaching a week intensive course on Adolescent Development and Family Systems at Pacific Life Bible College –  home of my bud Dennis Hixson and YLI alums Josh and Nate and Russell Hixon as well as new home to Christine Clark…yep, that Christine (T-Bay Drama Queen).  So, it is all good!  Hockey…good friends…teaching…students…fellowship…the beautiful Canadian landscape!  Just causes you to want to sing a few choruses of "O Canada". 

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Robin–Thanks for blogging, it is always good to hear from you. Your class sounds interesting. Is your look at Adolescent Development and Family Systems only within the Western context? I wonder how it compares to some of the circumstances here in SK. Do you have a course desription that you could send my way? Keep on, Ryan


  2. I will send you the syllabus via email…I have powerpoint presentations that I do for the class…but I’d have to mail them to you via cd. I love reading about your adventures too…keep it up!


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