One of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time – the paradox of Christ-following Praxis!

Blind Beggar posted this today…it is one of the best things I read in a while because it summarizes the "ancient-future" nature of Christian praxis (individually and corporately).  Actually, living in "tension" is the best way to live…it is grace-filled in a way in that it breaks down the pride in us that wants to say that what we do and think and say is "right" at the expense of everything and everyone else.  Enjoy this…comment at will!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself living in a world between.
Living in the tension between ubiquitous opposites. Sometimes this
tension is the result of seeing “what is” verses “what it should be.”
Other times it is the result of attempting to live with the paradox of
equally good opposites.

I see this world between as good. It is a place where God is able to
mold and form me. As one author wrote, this “tension is that space
between stability and change.”

Here is my short list of areas where I find myself living in the tension:

  • attractional vs. incarnational
  • community vs. buildings
  • decisions vs. disciples
  • demographics vs. discernment
  • dialogical vs. monological
  • egalitarian vs. hierarchical
  • faith vs. works
  • grace vs. truth
  • informal vs. formal
  • models vs. movements
  • ordained vs. the ordinary
  • organizations vs. organisms
  • participant vs. audience
  • postmodern vs. modern
  • producer vs. consumer
  • professional vs. passionate
  • programs vs. processes
  • seating vs. sending
  • services vs. service
  • settler vs. pioneer
  • structured vs. organic
  • uniformity vs. diversity
  • younger vs. older

What others can you think of?
How do you deal with living in the tension?
How can we leverage the opportunities inherent in this tension?

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