I wasn’t going to post on this…but

McdsdrivejesusThanks to Bill K for this image…but thanks to "Out of Ur" for this article.  Check it out.  As many have been predicting, the popular churches are franchising.  Frankly, it makes me absolutely sick.  It is one thing to be a denomination…it is another thing to "represent" a popular and properly marketed church in a new geographical arena JUST because it is popular.  Video venues are "almost" another whole issue…this is taking the problem over the top.  On the "cynical" side, why don’t we just fire all the pastors, leaders, teachers of local churches and get rid of everyone who doesn’t match up with the communication gifts and budgets of the Mega-stars?  Save us alot of money…we can just meet, download somebody else’s stuff and sit back and watch the cash register of attendance and money come pouring in.  I would check out the article on your own…surf the blogs and get some "takes" on this issue…this is the next big thing NOW.  Oops, I gotta go.  Ed Young, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, and Ray Johnston are on a conference call waiting for me to open another ‘Chick-fill-a".  More to come…Scottvally

One thought on “I wasn’t going to post on this…but

  1. Hyperbole much? Did you actually read anything about this or just the title? While the original article also used some hyperbole and took the “franchise” methaphore too far, the reality is that there are many good communicators in the Christian world. There are also many lousy preachers. Why should we not allow gifted people to use their gifts and allow other gifted pastors to provide the local pastoral care that many pastors ignore. It may not be for you, but if people are being saved at these churches why complain?


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