Nations Apologizing to nations…People apologizing to people…me, I’m joining the crowd!

You have heard over the past months of public apologies either being offered by nations to nations or people to people.  Apparently, there is a lot of "sorrys" that need to go around.  Maybe you heard that there was a movement afloat in the USA Congress to apologize to the Albanians for WW2 issues.  Then there are apologies being demanded by ethnic peoples for issues of discrimination.  Then there are the public apologies on the airwaves for "foot in mouth" disease that happens on an increasing scale on a daily basis (especially in politics).  Well…to make sure that these countries and people don’t feel alone, I was thinking the other day about the apologies that I need to extend.  They are extensive…but here goes:

I want to say "I’m sorry" to:

  • my kids to never having enough time to spend with them when they were small because I had to spend all my time with "church people"
  • my wife, Vicky, for all the times that she looked absolutely beautiful and I was preoccupied
  • my wife, Vicky, for all the times that she didn’t feel good and was struggling with how she felt about herself and I was too preoccupied with how bad she was feeling because I wasn’t going to get what I needed from her
  • my dad and mom for the many times I used them as examples of "un-holiness" and abusive parenting instead of honoring them, praying for them, and finding a way to love them unconditionally
  • all the people I called friends over the years but never really knew any more about them than just "headlines"…I’m sorry that I used you to boost my low self esteem by thinking that the more friends I had the more important I would feel
  • all the members of local churches I’ve served who heard countless sermons from me about supporting institutionally self-serving causes instead of serving the Kingdom of God
  • to the Lord God and the citizens of the Kingdom of God for all the times that I initiated any program in a local church that sucked up tons of financial resources that were focused on me building MY kingdom and not Jesus’
  • to the local churches I’ve served where I felt that I needed to be the center of attention…where the worship experiences were only ‘good’ if I was "on" or "up" or "interesting" or "better than Bill Hybels" (or my buddies Mikey and Nate :0))
  • to all the local churches, conferences, organizations, and retreats I’ve served where I felt that I had to be musically better than Hillsong United, Tommy Walker, Dave Crowder or any other "hot" worship and music leader in order to provide for "them" a good worship experience INSTEAD OF encouraging them to open their heart and life to God wherever they may be during any day in any place at any time
  • to all the classes, seminars, and conferences where I had the honor to teach and I was more concerned about my reputation and how smart I was instead of simply doing what God was asking me to do from a humble and self-sacrificing spirit
  • to all the authors of books I read where I hated "you" because you wrote so well and I didn’t
  • to my current friends and community members for how I often feel sorry for myself because I’m focused on me
  • to all the people I taught where I was a poser, worrying about making sure I demonstrated that I had intelligence beyond my education instead of telling them the truth – that I have been educated beyond my intelligence

Oh well…it’s time to get off this gig…I’m simply glad in my heart for forgiveness!  At least, the Lord’s forgiveness!  More to come…

One thought on “Nations Apologizing to nations…People apologizing to people…me, I’m joining the crowd!

  1. Well said, friend. This is a moment more of us need to have. I try to do this in the moment as often as I can, but it is refreshing to read someone else’s confession and realize I’m not alone ;^)

    Ken Blanchard’s book “The One Minute Apology” is a book everyone should read :^)

    Be blessed


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