McCall…sometime to celebrate, reflect, talk and have some fun!

Mccall02Vicky and I took off for McCall this weekend for some romantic time away but also to have some time to talk about the major transition that is happening in life starting tomorrow (Tuesday).  McCall, Idaho is a wonderful place and the Whitetail resort is a great part of the town.  It’s right on the lake…huge amounts of snow…picturesque…romantic…all I can say is "good times".  Our buds in the journey of life, Roy and Sally, suggested we go up to Whitetail on the dinner package.  Frankly, what a great bargain.  You get a chance to have a gourmet meal that normally costs over $125 for two (sans wine) included in the overall bill.  For us that means, minus the dinner, the room cost was only about $100 per night.  That is awesome for the suite that we had.  Most importantly tough, we had many many moments just to envision life outside of our Youth Leadership Institute journey…outside of full-time "church" work…and in a marketplace position that is 100% commission work. We prayed…shared feelings…got encouragement from one another.  All in all, valuable time.  In fact, my heart feels full for the first time in weeks.  I think I’ve been speeding toward the end of the YLI journey not only in a lightening pace but also with a soul that has been increasingly depleted as the time went on.  So, we’re taking the new steps together…attempting to discover a new sense of identity (Jim Palmer and my bud, Dave warned me about this one)…and trusting God in fresh ways in a new season of life.  For those of you in our relational circle, thanks for keeping us in thought and prayer.  We covet that…HUGELY!  Re/New Ministries is taking steps day by day…we are just trying to do life together in community understanding that Kingdom living is more that what happens in a building that sounds like its religious.  We are involved in some local faith efforts and we are seeing what God will illumine in the days to come.  More to come…the story continues!

One thought on “McCall…sometime to celebrate, reflect, talk and have some fun!

  1. yay for you two!! Glad it was such a great time away, I know you both needed it! So very thankful to be doing this journey alongside you both.


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