Oops, so I lied…I just read this…read it too, OK?

This article appeared in USA Today (yep, the multi-colored fishwrap) today…"Spiritual Growth nurtured within".  You may not like it…but it is revealing what alot of people have been experiencing and seeing in our culture…many people are "reporting" that they have a "good relationship" with God WITHOUT belonging to a traditional local church.  When I say "alot", we’re talking 86% according to research done recently.  So, read the article.  Could it be that people’s overreaction to the questions posed by Pagan Christianity’s authors (Viola and Barna) are really relevant?  Our fixation with being apologists for current praxis is blinding us to a growing reality.  This article is written by someone who has no ax to grind…no dog in that fight (bad cliche, I know) but reveals what many of us are experiencing but many of us are denying.  Take a peak at the article!

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