I’m trying to get to posting…but it’s too crazy right now!

FrustratedI wish I could spend some time contemplating issues and life’s journey in a manner that would merit a post on my blog…but things are a bit crazy right now.  The YLI Grant journey is coming to an end and I’m finishing up the Lilly Endowment report for APU.  I have four classes online this semester…that means I have about 100 students, 35 of which are Nursing students @ APU’s extension in San Diego…most of them have NOT taken an online course much less a bible course.  So, I’m answering tons of emails weekly. Our faith community (Re/New Ministries) is meeting twice a month for gatherings that are taking time to plan and facilitate.  In addition, I am starting a new job this week…studying for and taking an insurance exam that is required by the state of Idaho for the position that I will be working at a local mortuary…yep, you read that right…read my previous posts for more if you want.  So, time is short…I’m reading Pagan Christianity and Wide Open Spaces…working through Robert Alter’s great new translation of the Torah for my bible reading program for the year…and reading novels for fun…so, I should have some stuff to add to the broader conversation of faith…but I just cant’ find the time.  So, forgive me.  I’ll be back by the end of this week…I hope!

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