Pagan Christianity is heating up the Blogsphere!

ImagesI thought that Global Warming, Roger Clemen’s interview on 60 minutes and the debates/elections were heating up the airwaves and blogsphere over the past weeks.  Little did I know how much this little, new book is causing "quite a stir" amongst a truck load of peeps.  I just got my copy today…in fact, bought three copies (one for me, my  son Aaron and my cigar-addicted pal, Dave) and actually had Amazon send my buddy Nate in T-Bay a copy for our "loving discussions" to continue (sorry Nate, you won’t get it until February according to So, I will hold my comments until I read the entire thing…I did read the intro and chapter one of the Net…all I can say is that it is important to ask questions of institutional church.  Many, many, many are getting downright angry and defensive…I don’t blame them. As a friend of mine alluded to a few weeks back:  there are many pastors and institutional church leaders who are pouring out their lives (bloodletting at least) to better the local church…it ticks them off to think that others would overtly criticize something to which they are giving heart and soul.  It is like someone criticizing a person’s marriage if they feel like they are doing all they can to have a great, God-honoring relationship.  All I can say is this – I don’t think it is offensive to ask any and all questions these days of what many of us see in the church…if we don’t ask the questions and admit that dialog helps us grow and gain new insights from other perspectives, we will be doomed to repeat historical mistakes that will end up bankrupting good intentions.  Reading these comments from Barna and Viola and allowing their questions to bring something fresh to our attempts to incarnate God’s will for community is like exposing ourselves to some "liberal" biblical exegetes or atheistic philosophers or borderline "orthodox" theologians.  Some of the hub-bub over this new book reminds me of what I saw with the hysteria over The Golden Compass and Da Vinci Code.  Got to be careful…as I am apt to say, "more to come"…

5 thoughts on “Pagan Christianity is heating up the Blogsphere!

  1. Hey Robin! I just finished reading the intro and the first chapter, along with the bonus chapter and I am ordering the book!

    I am not one to discount everything we have done, regardless of where the orgins of the practice came from. I really think God can use our lame practices to get us aligned with Him. Some of them I ain’t ready to give up either. More wine at communion!

    I feel that this book, along with other writers’ thoughts, help us examine what it is we are trying to live out. It is unforunate that we are label liberal or unorthodox for considering these questions.

    I am excited to see where the converstion goes. I have been reading “The Year of Living Biblically” by A.J. Jacobs. It has been a fun read! Check it out.

    Love you buddy!


  2. Robin,
    I found you through a link at the PTM website. I will be interested to see your thoughts about the book. I agree with you that the questions are important to ask, and therefore it isn’t really about necessary to completely agree with Viola and Barna’s conclusions.

    I also read your earlier post about the changes in your career. Best wishes to you as you pursue ministry through different avenues.


  3. Hi. Found your review at the Pagan Christianity website. Just thought you and your readers might enjoy reading a new interview with George Barna and Frank Viola. I just posted it today: “The Thin Edge hosts joint interview with Barna & Viola”


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