Now it is easy to understand!

Confused___by_mushy_peaSo…here’s my journey of late.  As you know if you read my post from New Year’s Eve, changes are in the wind for me.  Big changes…I’m not going to get into all the reasons again because you can read about it in full below on that post.  Let’s just say that my NEW profession requires that I learn a TON of new terminology and procedures.  After spending over 30 years of my life in pro-church, I came to know the language of religion.  Then it dawned on me, as I sit at my computer taking an online course for the new job, how much insider language is used in the church…if I’m confused and dazed about all the new language that I am exposed to in a transition into a new work world, I wonder how many people came into church world and were confused about all the language that we throw around without giving one moment’s thought about what the average person knows or doesn’t know.  Language is important…it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to come to some understanding of why Jesus used parables to teach…everybody knew the metaphors and everyone understood the language.  The language of the religious elite (unfortunately I must repent of my own desire, at times in the past, to "astound" people with my religious intellect) leave most high and dry when it comes to understanding, learning and being transformed.  No wonder so many just look amusingly confused when we religious types throw around words that they can’t relate to and don’t use in everyday conversation.  In a Post-Modern world where the metanarratives have changed and religious terminology has lost favor in culture, we need to be not only sensitive but committed to be living examples of truth as well as avid translators of Kingdom realities into everyday experience for everyday people.  Oh well…back to the "new world".  More to come…

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